Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Thrill Grill, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The digital world has made it so easy to find good places to dine.  While in Amsterdam with my family this past May, I searched for "best burgers in Amsterdam" and immediately had a bunch of highly acclaimed places to choose from.  I chose the The Thrill Grill and was a fun 15 minute train ride away from a small neighborhood burger pub!
I had to order a Classic Thriller.  100% natural beef from Dutch dairy cows, tomato, lettuce, Gouda cheese, red onion, bacon from Brandt and Levie, and the Classic Thriller Sauce on a toasted organic bun.  7.95 euros.  This place was good and I love how it really is about the meat in Europe.  Not very big by US standards, but well constructed and erg smakelijk (very tasty).  Great local organic beef and cooked pretty rare.
If you are in Amsterdam and want to get a good, local burger, cooked with Dutch ingrediants, this is a great place to go.  Being an American in Amsterdam I didn't go around eating burgers and wanted to eat dutch food, but this place is worth a visit and not a tourist trap.  I think my son and I were the only non-locals in the place.

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