Friday, February 12, 2010

New Top 5 List

#1 - The Tavern Burger, Pilot Butte Drive-In, Bend, OR
#2 - The Clogger, Jody's Tavern, Redmond, OR
#3 - The Special (aka the World's Greatest Hamburger), Stanich's, Portland, OR
#4 - Aron's Cardiac Burger, 3 Creeks Brewery, Sisters, OR
#5 - The Grand Daddy, Dandy's, Bend, OR
#6 - The Lumberjack, Winston Drive-IN, Winston, OR

I have gone back and forth on the Tavern Burger in the past several years...but it is back on top! Very good hamburger! Compare it to the Aron's Cardiac at 3 Creeks Brewery, the Tavern is bigger and better and cheaper than the Cardiac. The Cardiac is VERY good and much less greasy than the Tavern, but the Tavern is #1 for a reason!