Monday, November 30, 2009

Bistro Burger - San Francisco, CA

Another California burger joint, this one a San Francisco establishment. They serve burgers with Estancia Free Range Grass fed beef. Their slogan is, "Your Burger on Grass." My wife and I stumbled upon this place on Drumm and California in the heart of the financial district. VERY good hamburgers with quality beef and sustainable practices. I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger Royale ($7.29) and my wife ordered a Bistro Burger ($5.79). These prices are truly remarkable when you consider where this place is located. The Bend Burger Company could learn a few things about pricing at this place, including offering fries and onion rings separately. OK, the draw back? The service was OK but not very friendly but I will give them a break since we are "tourists" and it was our first visit. One of the best deals in SF. The best burger and place in SF? Try the Bell Tower on Jackson and Polk Street. I have been going there for almost 20 years. More on that later...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Moo Moos Burger Barn - Stockton, CA

I know that my blog is Oregon Hamburgers but I was in Lodi, CA visiting my parents and they took me to this place. I decided to branch out since I don't get to try too many burgers outside of Central Oregon unless I travel to the Willamette Valley or to California. I was pleasantly surprised by this place. Very friendly service, clean and very reasonably priced, especially compared to the Bend Burger Company. The burgers are good but not great. Some people may think the whole Moo Moo thing is too much but it works for this place. I ordered a Chili Moo ($5.95) which was really good. Good chili, great presentation, and it came with a corn bread bun which I liked. Overall I was very happy. My only negative was that the burger itself was not of the highest quality (i.e. frozen patties) and a little overcooked. All the others in my family ordered the Classic Moo ($4.50) which was a good classic hamburger and they were all satisfied. Their onions rings and shakes were very good as well. Please tell me what you think. This place is located just off of I-5 on the north side of Stockton and there is also one in Lodi, CA. A great place to stop for Duck or Beaver fans on the way to the Rose Bowl! Check out their website and menu at:

Bend Burger Company - Bend, Oregon

I have been to the Bend Burger Company twice now. Their burgers are quite good, however I spent $11.95 on a Bend Burger with bacon and cheese, fries and a soda. That's too much money for me to spend on a lunch, let alone a hamburger. Their menu is what I would call "gourmet", meaning there are lots of choices of toppings such as blue cheese, garlic, fry sauce, and ham with pineapple. I can't get over the cost when I can get a burger that is just as good (AND in my top 10) for half the price. I know I've mentioned before that I'm not a huge french fry fan and all the burgers at the Bend Burger Company come with french fries which drives up the cost and leaves me feeling guilty for not finishing my entire meal. Suggestion - make really good french fries or onion rings and don't include them with the hamburgers. In closing, if you want a good burger in downtown Bend and are willing to pay over ten dollars per person for lunch, this is a good spot to go!