Sunday, November 28, 2010

Louis Burger Lust

Louis Burger Lust - located on 17th and Vinton Street in the historical commercial district of Omaha, Nebraska. Louis Burger Lust offers up one of Omaha's best signature "phatty" burgers. Competitively priced and well proportioned, Louis menu contains an array of burger classics! We tried two of their burgers. I ordered the Swiss Cheeseburger piled high with lettuce, onion, pickles, and tomato. Zippy got the Protein Enhanced Egg n' Bacon cheeseburger! Both burgers were quite tasty! All served up in a small diner with plenty of local flavor! Next up...Stellas!

Direct blog from Laura Friesell and Jon Zimmerman in Omaha.
Nice Laura and Zippy! My first blog from Omaha. I want to come back for more food and good company and of course when you get to Oregon the first burger is on me! Mike