Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blacksmith Sliders - Great Happy Hour

I finally made it to the Blacksmith Restaurant for Happy Hour yesterday. Folks have told me it's the best Happy Hour in Bend. Their Sliders are $5 and are pretty good. I don't think they qualify for a top 10 ranking but they are worth noting. There is a burger ($7) on the Happy Hour menu that looks really good and I will need to get one and report back! Many first time visitors are surprised by the "swankyness" of this place but it's a Happy Hour, totally casual and I wasn't the only person wearing jeans and a baseball cap.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Home of the #1 ranked "Clogger" Jody's Hamburger's, Redmond, Oregon

The Clogger is the best thing on the menu in my opinion. While this is not a blog about anything other than burgers (hint: I don't usually order fries, onion rings, etc with my burgers), Jody's tots are the best tator tots I've ever had! I haven't yet ordered the Belly Buster but I'm dying to go here with a friend so we can split it.

Such a great little building for a burger place. I would highly recommend stopping here if you ever drive through Redmond. You can't miss it on the South-side of Highway 126 on the way out of Redmond to Sisters, on the opposite side of Hwy 126 from Chevron. Check it out and let me know what you think! See below for picture of the Clogger!