Saturday, April 18, 2009

#2 "The Special" Stanichs, Portland, Oregon

"The Special" is a classic burger at a classic burger joint. I've been going here since 1988 and it hasn't changed since then. The Special (aka the world's greatest hamburger) nearly lives up the its alias. It is the definition of the tavern burger, fully loaded with bacon, ham and a fried egg. Something about the joint I think makes the burger even better. Stanich's is a tavern with pennents all over the wall, they only take cash, and they love to give shit to folks who order their burger cut! One of the best perks is you can order beer on tap with your hamburger! Yes, this is my kind of place and I take everyone I know here for a special. Has never fallen below #3 on my top 10 list and has been a steady #2 for about 5 years. I have never ordered anything else on the menu (except french fries)and never will. I have eatin 2 of these on a couple different occasions but I'm getting too old to do that anymore! Picture coming the next time I get to Portland.

#3 "The Lumberjack" Winston Drive-In, Winston, Oregon

A very good burger at a very good burger joint that me and my family just happened to stop at on our way to the coast. How lucky we are that we chose this place. A classic burger joint with a 50s theme with lots of cars on the wall. Very kid friendly...this helps for road trip with a 4 year old! My son's hamburger came in a car that he played with for the rest of the trip. To the burger though that's the point right. I always go for the "tavern style" burger with all the fixings, plus bacon and a fried egg if they have one. The lumberjack was really not a tavern burger but was very, very good, with bacon, cheese and all the fixings (aka: loaded!) I love pickles and this burger has very good pickles and was just the right size! I was smiling all the way to the coast!

#4 "The Taven Burger" - Pilot Butte Drive-In, Bend, Oregon

"The Tavern Burger", Pilote Butte Drive-In, Bend, Oregon

This is a very good hamburger that was #1 in my top 10 for about 3 years. The joint was sold about 2 years ago and the quality has slipped a little bit in my opinion. It is still in my top 10 though, which says a lot! This place is home to the famous Pilot Butte Burger (16oz burger) and the wager winner burger for me, the "64oz. burger" - the menu says that it feeds a family of 4! I have won several hundred dollars making bets with friends who have never seen this burger before, yet still claim (and bet big) that they can eat it. Its big!

"The Clogger" - Jody's Drive-In, Take-out, Redmond, Oregon.

"The Clogger", Jody's Drive-In, Take-out, Redmond, Oregon.
-This is a really good tavern style burger that costs only $7.75. It is not too big, but no pushover either. It's a 1/3 pound burger with grilled ham, bacon, cheddar and jack cheese, and all the trimmings (except tomatos which I don't care for). I know that I am biased because I work in Redmond, so I eat this more than any other burger. Maybe that's why it sees time at #1 on my all time list, because I can keep eating them and they just keep gettting better. Also, I know there are other great burgers on the menu, but the only other burger I have ordered is the cheeseburger. The Clogger started off at #5 on my list when I first had one in 2007.