Sunday, August 2, 2009

Updated Top 5 List

1) The Clogger, Jody's, Redmond
2) The Special (aka The World's Greatest Hamburger), Stanich's, Portland
3) The Lumberjack, Winston Drive-In, Winston
4) The Tavern Burger, Pilot Butte, Bend
5) The Grand Dandy, Dandy's, Bend

Saturday, August 1, 2009

#5 the Grand Dandy - Dandy's Drive-In, Bend Oregon

I took my son to Dandy's Drive-In last week! I can't believe I have never been here before since I've been living in Bend for over 15 years. Of course I ordered the Grand Dandy ($5), the largest burger on the menu. Pretty much a simple yet excellent bacon-cheeseburger with good pickles on it. You can tell a good burger joint by having a look at the menu. Very simple with 4 hamburgers, 1 chicken sandwich, a grilled cheese and that's it! I knew this burger was going to be good when I saw the menu. This is a classic drive-in. The waitresses (or maybe they are called "burger girls?") come out on skates to take your order and deliver your food. You either get it to go or eat in the car, no tables or anything. My son ordered a lil' Dandy ($2) and claimed it was the best burger he had ever eatin'! While this place is a Bend institution (since 1968) and somewhat of a novelty, the burgers are really good and I would recommend this place to any burger lover. Right in the middle of business 97 in Bend between Neff and Greenwood. Enjoy.