Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dry Rub Buffalo Burger!

This burger comes from Billy Roos, who I always enjoy eating burgers with!  It can be found at the Washington Park Grill in South Denver, CO.  Billy doesn't mince words and just puts it out there:


Excellent burger, poor bun, crisp flavored fries, fresh lettuce and tomato slice.

Billy, this looks tremendous!  You failed to mention that this beauty is topped with all natural, dry rubbed, buffalo pastrami?  I want one.  The next time I am in Denver I am taking you to the Washington Park Grill, South Denver!

Smith Rock Brewing - Great Burger!

Another new brew pub has opened up in Central Oregon, this time in Redmond!  Seems like a new brewery and/or pub opens every month now.  Most have OK food and burgers, so my expectations were low.  I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger and I was quite impressed!  Home made buns and fresh local beef, from Cinder Butte, a local butcher!  A very good burger.  Another plus is you can get awesome onion rings at no extra charge!  I got all that you see in the photo for $10.25  Check out their website: Smith Rock Brewing