Monday, October 20, 2014

Blue Cheese Burger - Jody's Drive In

First time Hamburger Reviewer, long time Hamburger Eater.

After listening to AceBurger’s stories on multiple occasions about The Clogger at Jody’s Drive In, we couldn't say ‘no’ when he offered to treat all of us after officiating a soccer game in Redmond.  The menu at Jody’s is a big tease, because you can stand and look at it all day…it all looks good.  I went with the Blue Cheese Burger, which costs $8.25.  A perfect and thick Chocolate Shake kept me cool while we waited for our burgers.  I think for my next vacation, I’ll just go sit outside Jody’s and smell the aroma of burgers being cooked, it was delightful!

Once the Blue Cheese Burger arrived, it was nice and hot and had just the perfect amount of juice and blue cheese crumbs to smudge the side of your lip and face, without being overly runny or uncontrollable.  The lettuce and tomato were fresh and not overly done, and did not drown out the flavor of the blue cheese or meat.  I was so proud of the hamburger bun for holding everything together so nicely until the very last bite.    

The gal that had made our burgers came out to check on us midway through our meal.  You could tell she cared about the burgers she had made for us.  She had done an excellent job and we let her know how much we appreciated her. 

Jody’s in Redmond is an awesome place but easy to miss if you’re not paying attention.  You really should slow down and at a minimum just roll down your window and smell the burgers being cooked.  

AceBurger’s big saying is “Go big, or go home” … and we finally got to see why he likes Jody’s so much and ranks them so highly.