Wednesday, September 28, 2011

American Psycho Burger - Cabana Cafe, SC

If you are ever in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area I would highly recommend you stop by the Cabana Cafe in Litchfield Beach and order an American Psycho Burger. This is a great "chili style burger" but what makes it unique is the fact that is not an open face burger. Is a burger topped with really good chili, American cheese, Bacon, pickle, fried onions, fried egg, and lettuce. It costs $13 and it is worth it! Before or after you eat your burger you can swim in the ocean or the pool next to your table.

Dickie Jo's - Eugene, OR

Dickie Jo's is a great burger joint! You know its going to be good by looking at the menu. It has one burger on it and you can make the burger what you want with a variety of options or additions. The only problem that I have is that you cannot get a fried egg on the burger. I ordered a bacon cheese burger and it was excellent! The meat is very good and you can tell that it of high quality. My family ordered various other versions of the birger and everyone was satisfied. YOu can't really go wrong at Dickie Jo's; good burgers at a great price! I will definatley be going back the next time I'm in Eugene.