Thursday, May 17, 2012

The International Burger

This is a blog from Burger Meister who is stepping up to the plate for Oregon Hamburgers!  While this burger is a home cooked burger and not from a burger joint, any burger lover and member of this blog could very well contact burger meister through this site and perhaps sample this unique beauty!  An important note about this post is the nuance of history and origins of the burger and how different regions of the country and world adapt their burgers to local produce, meat and toppings!  Burger Meister brings in an important point about toppings with his "Argentinian style" fried egg.  I know that most burgers in Australia have fried eggs as well (a burger with the lot) and here in the US a burger with an egg is considered a Tavern Burger, or "tavern style".

Ace Burger,

Thanks you for considering the addition of our home constructed and grilled, International Burger.
The International Burger was made from 1/3-1/2 lb of grass fed Colorado beef, chopped Vidalia onion, parsley, and a touch of Kabob spices brought directly from the spice market in Istanbul, Turkey. It was served Argentine style, with an egg perfectly fried over easy (you can see the yolk oozing nicely onto the plate) and topped with triple crème brie, avocado and a slice of a nice ripe tomato. This masterpiece of meat was all placed on a buttered, grilled Rudi’s bun. And of course it was grilled to RARE perfection. Now while there was a lot going on here, the flavors all worked beautifully together. This was truly a gastronomical delight.

Burger Meister (aka Mark Vermeal), aspiring featured correspondent