Sunday, January 24, 2016

the DOUBLE Foster w/ egg, Foster Burger, Portland, OR

Foster Burger is another classic Portland burger joint!  I was a little overwhelmed by the menu as they have a bunch of unusual burgers such as the Kiwi Burger (lamb & beets) and Johnny Apple Brie (turkey burger with brie and grilled apple), among others.

I went with the DOUBLE Foster Burger with a fried egg.  $9.   My burger was good but the bun dominated my experience.  It was a big bun and it was very dry.  I don't know if it was an bad bun day or if the buns are always like this.  I really liked the establishment and even ordered a milk shake which was really good.  They also serve poutine and you rarely see this in Oregon so I had to get an order for the table.  I would say the highlight of my meal was the poutine as well as seeing the other specialty burgers my friends ordered.  I will go back to Foster Burger to try it again and see if the bun experience was either a one-off or it is a what they buns are always like.

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