Sunday, January 24, 2016

Skillet Street Food, Seattle, WA

The Seattle Center has an impressive food court.  I was staying with a friend from Seattle that recommended the burgers from Skillet Counter of Skillet Street Food.  I ordered the Basic burger. Locally sourced beef, their special sauce, lettuce, pickle, american cheese on a brioche bun.  It was a nice burger that was a good size and very tasty.  My only criticisms are using American cheese (why not cheddar?) and the price.  For some reason American cheese feels cheep to me and reminds me too much of fast food.  I would rather have a slab of cheese hand cut off of a block of good cheese. $12 is a little too much for this burger, although I do understand it is in a food court at the Seattle Center.

Overall a good burger but nothing that I would seek out.  If I was in Seattle again I would try something new or go back to Uneeda Burger (see previous post).

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